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Tax Manager

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Mô tả công việc

  • Review, check and compare documents to declare and issue invoices.
  • Synthesize all the invoices and vouchers generated by the company to be able to track, account and preserve the books, and store those types of documents.
  • Closely monitor the payment and backlog of the company’s budget, tax refund.
  • Timely update new policies and regulations related to tax laws related to the company’s activities.
  • To periodically make reports, finalize taxes and report back on the use of invoices by the enterprise.
  • Reviewing accounting operations and on accounting software.
  • Summarize input and output VAT for the company’s activities.
  • Participating in working directly with tax authorities when needed.

Responsibilities of tax accountants in enterprises

  • Work directly with tax authorities if there are problems.
  • Check and compare the declarations of records
  • Check and compare with VAT invoice together with input and output list.
  • Monthly report must be made to summarize the company’s output value added tax, tax rate classification, together with the company’s input summary report.
  • Together with the accountant to generalize and compare the tax reporting data of the establishment between the report and the final settlement.

Tasks of tax accountants

  • Tax accountants have the right to propose to handle any cases that need to be adjusted or canceled according to the provisions of the current Tax Law.Evaluate and comment when seeing the difference in tax reporting and finalization figures.
  • Prepare a plan to guide the grassroots accountants to make tax declaration declarations in accordance with regulations.
  • Do other tax-related jobs.

Yêu cầu công việc

  • Having experience working in tax accounting position or having participated in inspection and finalization with tax authorities.
  • Able to work under high pressure, carefully, meticulously and with high responsibility in work.
  • Fluently use office computer software, to master and use Misa, Bravo and company management software well.
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize reports.
  • Understanding and knowledge of the Law on Accounting, Taxation, Regulations, Regulations and Processes related to the activities of enterprises.
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