The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova launches Women Caucus of the 11th legislature United Nations Development Programme

While none are internationally accredited, there are universities in Chisinau, Balti and Cahul. Cheap, tasty food that is very popular with the locals is served in most places. For better service and more diverse food, there are a lot of small restaurants and cafés. Good restaurants have prices comparable to those elsewhere in Europe. For a quick lunch, fast food and pizza shops are recommended; these can be found at nearly every corner.

  • To realign foreign trade away from Russia and toward Western European and other countries, Moldova has constructed an oil terminal on the Danube and is seeking closer economic ties with Romania and the European Union.
  • Moldovan women generally lead more restricted lifestyles than American women do.
  • More than a thousand people were said to have been killed, and over a hundred thousand had to leave their homes.

Local wine is of superb quality and cheap in comparison to other countries, but for political reasons is mostly unknown in Western Europe. Visit at least one piața to see the Soviet memorabilia, but be careful as sellers may charge foreigners much higher prices than locals.

The 1994 constitution and subsequent legislation safeguarded the rights of minorities, and in the same year broad autonomous powers were granted to the Gagauz. Women still face discrimination and inequality in social, economic and political life and their representation in Moldovan politics and decision-making remains below international benchmarks. Patriarchal norms and stereotypes are deeply entrenched in Moldovan society, especially around family roles and responsibilities. The Gender and Inclusion Analysis identified that both Moldovan men and women strongly believe and observe the stereotype that women should prioritize getting married, become homemakers, and focus predominately on childrearing. A CSO respondent noted that “We just recently started to talk of impact on men of gender stereotypes…with men from police, army…it’s the most rigid area for law enforcement structures.

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In the central and southern zones, wine making and tobacco growing are widespread. The temperate continental climate in the center of the country, with long warm summers, relatively mild winters, and high rainfall, is favorable for agriculture. The main rivers are the Dniestr in the east and the Prut in the west. Both originate in the Carpathians; whereas the Dniestr flows directly into the Black Sea, the Prut joins the Danube at https://thegirlcanwrite.net/moldovan-women/ the southern tip of the country. With that said, I take volleyball just as serious as I do my academics.

The pages about the course, reviewed by Reuters, were removed in January. The allegations facing Tate have put intense focus on a self-described misogynist who has built an online fanbase, particularly among young men, by promoting a lavish, hyper-macho image of driving fast cars and dating beautiful women. Two of the women told Romanian TV station Antena3 on Jan. 11 that they’re not victims and the Tates are innocent. The station identified them only by first names, Beatrice and Iasmina. The brothers used deception and intimidation to bring six women under their control and “transform them into slaves”, prosecutors said in the document. The 61-page file, produced by Bucharest court officials, comprises minutes of a hearing when a judge extended the Tates’ detention plus evidence submitted by the prosecution. “You must understand that once you are mine, you will be mine forever,” Tate told her on Feb. 4 last year in one of dozens of WhatsApp messages cited by Romanian prosecutors who allege he trafficked and sexually exploited several women.

Her children attend kindergarten and she works as a dishwasher in a restaurant. The case of Svetlana and her children continue to be monitored by her case manager. The Assistance and Protection Centre has a team of social workers who http://zerohelados.com.uy/categoryitalian-women-wikipedia/ identify and address the needs of the beneficiaries, and a case manager is assigned to each beneficiary to ensure good coordination and an individualistic approach.

These types of commercial activities are flourishing because of market liberalization and the economic downturn. Many educated specialists find it easier to earn money through commercial activities than by practicing their professions.

Human Rights Council Adopts Universal Periodic Review Outcomes of the Republic of Moldova, South Sudan, Haiti and Sudan

Despite Moldova’s vast political and economic problems, Moldovans try to be happy and make the most of their situation. One of the smallest states of the former USSR, Moldova has been part of two historical empires – the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire. For several centuries, the country was under Ottoman influence but that all changed during the 1800s when the Russians took control of it. In the years to follow, Moldova became a part of the Russian Empire and later on, the Soviet Union, before declaring independence in the 1990s. Its fertile soils led to Moldova being dubbed “the garden” of the Soviet Union. Do not travel to areas near the Moldovan-Ukrainian border and Transnistria. For more information on how to protect yourself while in a war zone, see war zone safety.

A judge can order their detention for up to 180 days while the investigation is ongoing, which means it could stretch into late June. The woman has not spoken publicly about the Tates or the prosecutors’ allegations.

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